For those moments when unthinkable tragedy happens, we are there. For the past 20 years, Reach Out America has raced to disasters while others ran from them. Most of this has happened under the name of the United Pentecostal Church International.

This ministry began in the hearts of two patriarchs: Fred Foster and James Kilgore. The dream of helping hurting people was foremost in their minds, but remained largely hidden from the eyes of others. Those who needed help received it and that was all the thanks needed. These two men personally funded this ministry and over the years, a few others have helped where they could. The need has not grown smaller and Reach Out America is expanding its outreach.

Reach Out America has sent over one million pounds of relief supplies to those in need. At FEMA’s direction, we have managed the warehouse and distribution points for its entire New Jersey operations. Reach Out America was responsible for the distribution of 2 million pounds of supplies and the 40,000 square foot distribution area of West Virginia. We were also able to distribute 700,000 pounds of relief supplies during the recent flooding throughout Louisiana.

We want this ministry to flourish across North America. It can be a blessing to hurting people. It can put local districts and churches as the healing face to hurting people and build much good will. We want local districts to form “Disaster and Humanitarian Relief” Committees patterned after other districts. We want districts to network with Reach Out America to form a cohesive team of volunteers to work wherever disaster strikes in North America and, if called upon, the world.