Serve Day at #NAYC19

On Friday, August 2, at #NAYC19 we saw 1,000 volunteers show up to pack $150,000 worth of disaster relief supplies which filled two semi trailers. The volunteers packed the supplies into 1,000 Lowe’s buckets, 500 7th Day Adventist’s buckets and 500 Feed The Children boxes. It was a great event completed in two hours and ten minutes.

Watch a quick video of the event here, see yourself serving!

We are thankful to the UPCI Youth Ministries division, @upciyouthmin, for their help and support in allowing young people to serve the greater community through their prayer support and labor in the awesome project.

Reach Out America is a 25 year old non-profit led by Larry Williams that provides resources from national partners to local communities through churches and community groups. The United Pentecostal Church International, @upciorg, is our primary partner for grass roots distribution in a disaster. With over 5,000 churches in communities across North America the UPCI provides distribution to communities through caring hearts and hands familiar with the communities they serve.

ROA has many national partners who help us complete our mission. Feed The Children, @feedthechildren, is our primary partner in National Disaster Relief. We have cooperated continually for over 20 years in providing resources to local communities affected by disasters. UPS Foundation @UPS_Foundation, is also a key partner, providing shipping resources during disasters.

The disaster community, as represented by National Volunteer Organizations Assisting In Disasters, NVOAD, operates as a partnership of organizations cooperating with each other and with Federal, state and local governments with FEMA, @fema, to bring resiliency to disaster impacted communities. ROA is a National member of NVOAD.