Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief


Providing A Way For Those Searching For Something Presentable To Wear In The Aftermath Of The Storm To Do So Without The Humiliation Of Digging Through Piles Of Clothes Dumped On The Floor.y

"Disaster Relief...Donated Clothes...Done Right" "D..D..D..DIGNITY"

Reach Out America activates the “Stylin…The Fashion Boutique” to organize clothing donations for those in need because of Hurricane Sandy. Most nonprofit organizations do not accept donations of “used clothing” after disasters because of the difficulty in sorting and making presentable for distribution. Those already devastated by disasters must now face the humilation of digging through mounds of clothing sometimes placed on the floor in piles. Reach Out America developed the solution, giving diginity to those needing “just something decent to wear”. “Stylin…The Fashion Boutique”. “Disaster Relief…Donated Clothes…Done Right.”

Nov 16th by admin

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